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MSc Fashion & Luxury Management (Year 5 / English Program)

Course Summary School: EIDM École Internationale de Mode & Luxe

Location: France, Paris

Education: Diploma

The Msc Global Fashion & Luxury Management is a multidisciplinary program that nurtures entrepreneurial and creative skills, necessary to pursue a thriving career in the fashion industry.
Trained by high-level fashion practitioners, students will gain managerial competences and develop interpersonal skills, enhanced by the international learning environment and the limited number of students per class. They will develop an in-depth fashion culture, decypher the latest industry trends and develop their creative thinking.
In addition, this business-oriented program provides students with analytical tools to occupy managerial positions in today’s ever changing fashion industry. In small groups, they will brainstorm on fashion strategic scenarios, set up objectives and budget, study a business idea’s feasibility and assess the likelihood of completing a project successfully.
Marketing and communication strategies will be studied and evaluated from a global perspective. You will learn how to evaluate the commercial viability of a business idea or product line.
- Understand the new business models that shape the global fashion industry, foresee fashion future
- Understand the fundamental concepts of brand building, set up a coherent brand visual identity across various touchpoints, making strategic decisions based on a brand’s positioning and target market.
- Understand the central of PR in fashion & luxury communication, being able to set up, manage and market a fashion event, manage a budget, gain a methodology in project management, develop planning and organizational skills and image
- Elaborate, plan and manage a fashion event
- Set up a brand digital footprint
- Identify the management styles adapted to a team, understand how to leverage a team’s commitment, encourage and federate a team, manage a team in a multicultural environment, understand the consequences of cultural diversity in business
- Gain a basic understanding of the french language, being able to navigate within the French society, decode the French culture
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